Create Awesome Online Coaching Programs

How to create, launch & facilitate an awesome group coaching program that people are lining up for

What is Create Awesome Online Courses?

Have you ever thought about coaching?

Meaning…coaching people in your area of expertise whether it be fitness, playing the trombone or whale watching (hey there all kinds of topics out there!).

Now, you might (err probably) have seen that are a MILLION ways to coach out there.

You can be a 1-on-1 coach. Sweet! There is nothing more intimate. However, there is also nothing LESS scalable (I mean there is only 1 of you and 24 hours in a day…right?)

You can create an online course which is a version of coaching…at scale (YAY) which is awesome but also, in many cases lacks the intimacy & personalization of working with people directly.

But, what if you could COMBINE the intimacy and personalization 1-on-1 coaching and still have the scalability and leverage of online courses?

This, my friend, is the wonderful world of group coaching.

The power of a small group achieving a goal with you leading and coaching.

It’s the ultimate win-win.

As with any revenue stream and business model…there is good news.

There are folks who have come before you who have mastered it. They knows the ins and outs. They know the pitfalls and traps. They know the successful strategies, tips and short cuts.

Instead of spending years on trial and error to try to figure out what works, why not learn from someone who knows exactly how to show you the way?

Meaning showing you EVERY step to create your own successful group coaching program.

And what if I told you could learn everything you need to know to create a successful group coaching program in one-day?

Yup. That’s not a typo.

ONE day.

Introducing: Create Awesome Online Coaching Programs: How to create, launch & facilitate an awesome group coaching program that people are lining up for.

This special masterclass and workshop shows you step-by-step how to create & run a successful group coaching program.

Here is what you will learn:

Coaching: aka helping people win gold medals!
  • So what’s the difference between group coaching, 1:1 coaching, mentoring & masterminds (and does it really matter)?
  • The art, science & expertise of group-coaching
  • You the coach
  • Getting started (and know you are doing it the right way)
Irresistible Coaching Offers
  • How coaching groups position your brand
  • Types of coaching offers (and how to decide which is best for your clients)
  • Coaching format & content
  • Planning & timetables
The F Word of Coaching: Facilitation!
  • Skills & qualities of a great facilitator
  • Listening & questioning expertise
  • How to help people set (and achieve) goosebump goals
The ABC’s and 123’s of coaching
  • The good, the bad & the ugly of coaching process
  • Pace, pitfalls & parking lots!
  • Workathons and other uses for coaching!
The tech bit
  • The lowdown on tools & platforms for online coaching
  • Communication mediums
  • Recordings
The people bit
  • Tricky and prickly personalities
  • The ‘in-between’ coaching sessions – the role of followup

Plus 3 BIG bonuses:

BONUS #1 – Coach Planner/Map (for the coach)

This simple tool helps you keep track of the progress of your clients on coaching calls… increases accountability and action taking (and your coachees will be left feeling amazed at your followup abilities, plus they will feel ultra looked after!)

BONUS #2 – Coaching Tracker Templates (for the coachees)

Your coaching clients need all the accountability help they can get. These simple tools can be modified to both group coaching and 1:1 coaching programs – and gives your clients a way to not only keep track of how they are going, but helps them measure their results.

BONUS #3Enrollment Call Framework (to guarantee higher conversions from call to coaching)

Most people blow it when conducting ‘enrollment’ or ‘discovery’ calls. This bonus lesson that covers the absolute best practices for ensuring people are scrambling to join your coaching programs. You can use these techniques for 1:1 coaching, group coaching and high end mastermind calls… even if you don’t think you are good at selling!

your instructor: Coach Merilyn Beretta

When it comes to experience and the ability to walk the walk AND talk the talk, you will be learning from the VERY best and that is Coach Marilyn Beretta.

Besides being an Accelerator coach on DSG’s team, Coach Merilyn brings over 25 years experience including…

  • She was doing ‘remote’ coaching (by phone) 25 years ago! Her team was scattered across Australia (and then the globe), so she would set up phone coaching meetings every week to coach them. And she STILL get messages today thanking her for that.
  • Before online, she coached across 7 countries spanning 21 industries – corporate, creative and non-profit sectors.
  • Now online she has coached over 500 people in just 3 years in dozens and dozens of industries and over 15 countries.
  • Coached award winning CEO’s and their teams.
  • Over 25 years experience not only in coaching, but as a business owner, strategic director and brand expert.
  • She prides herself on blending personalty typing with coaching and entrepreneurial success.

Long story short. She is a rockstar. And can break things down extremely simply and completely step-by-step. Plus she has a cool accent.

Next Steps

Stop thinking you need yet another certificate to be able to coach in your field of expertise.

Stop trying to “guess” what might work and wonder what all the successful people in online coaching are actually doing.

Regardless if you want to add in group coaching into your business, start a new business with group coaching or add a coaching component to one of your other programs (example an online course) this is going to be for you.

The workshop originally took place live, but you can get LIFETIME ACCESS to the recordings.

The cost is $497.

This includes lifetime access to all the recordings and all the bonuses.

Bottom line is if group coaching strikes your fancy, nab your seat.

Eliminate the guesswork.

Learn the proven system.

And finally, create, launch & facilitate an awesome group coaching program that people are lining up for.

Save my seat!

$ 497

  • Your seat at the LIVE training
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • 3 BIG bonuses
Save My Seat!

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Is there a guarantee/refund policy?

We can guarantee that this training kicks major butt. As in life, there are guarantees in terms of your results (but put it into practice and good things will happen). All sales are final.

Do I get lifetime access to the training?

Yes. You get lifetime access to the trainings, so you can watch it whenever, wherever and as often as you like. 🙂

Can I pay with a credit card or PayPal?

Yes.  You will choose your payment method at checkout and we accept both credit cards and paypal.

Do I need to have a prior coaching experience for this training?

You absolutely do NOT need to coached previously for this training. Merilyn will show you everything you need to run a successful group coaching program – from scratch.  And if you HAVE coached before that’s also awesome – Merilyns’s strategies will do nothing but help grow it, systemize and maximize it. Boom.

I have a question about something not covered here, who can I ask?

Shoot any others you have to the amazing and she will take awesome care of you.

Save my seat!

$ 497

  • Your seat at the LIVE training
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • 3 BIG bonuses
Save My Seat!